Curtis has helped to improve leadership and performance for hundreds of entrepreneurs, leaders, and teams from more than 60 companies in several countries.  From strategy to operations, technology teams to executive development, performance improvement or personal pivot, we've been in your shoes.  We can help.

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  • Helped Fortune 100 company grow top-line revenue by $700 million annually.

  • Consulted with leaders of international mid-market company helping lead them to their most profitable year ever.

  • Helped start-up tech consultant secure and deliver Fortune 50 contract worth $500,000.

  • Coached established services firm contributing to 10x revenue increase in 1 year.

  • Helped new consultant land a 4-month $150,000 engagement.

  • Helped successful firm identify new sources of potential consulting revenue and strategic innovation.

  • Saved 40% on a $500,000 project to deliver revenues of $70 million per year.

  • Mentored a newly-appointed C-level executive, who smashed sales records, rooted out waste, and established a leadership pipeline, all within the first four months.

  • $20 million ROI for Fortune 50 oil & gas company mobility project.

  • 300% team productivity increase in 12 weeks on a major strategic project for VP Sales of a Fortune 50 company.

  • Delivered strategy and executive coaching to Founders and Board of a mid-market international travel company.

  • $2 million in new top-line revenue for British consulting firm.

  • 10x revenue increase and scalability for non-profit government agency.

  • 55% productivity gain with 15% lower spend in 4 months for tech startup.

  • 25% global team improvement for $62 billion computer maker in 4 weeks.

  • 150% operational capacity increase for $60 billion insurance company.


"Consultants like you are what make my company look good."
~Lauren Supraner, CEO, CAL Learning

"We/I have been using Cutis Guilbot for about a year and he has helped us hugely. Personally he is a great coach to me in my new COO role, but also in being a sounding board and developing my leadership skills. He has a wide range of experience in many different industries and is very easy to work with. Great guy."
~Richard Bexon, Chief Operating Officer, NAMU Travel Group

"If you are looking for advice on your consultancy, Curtis is your guy! Exceptionally deep experience with major companies, a solid long term strategy for the market that's well executed, and he just has it wired! If you are a consultant just starting out or one that is trying to figure out how to expand your business, spend time with him. His expertise and guidance will help you achieve your goals."
~Scott Yankton, President, Sytech Services

"High marks for Curtis' training!"
~Dirk Smeets, Manager, Accenture (Belgium)

"Curtis was a great help in furthering the growth and development of my management staff. He educated them about best practices, organizational changes and development of new strategies which helped the staff understand ways to more effectively perform their daily work tasks. Even my older staff members who have been with the company since the beginning were receptive to Curtisís ideas. We would recommend Curtis because he is a stand-up guy and truly cares about those seeking his expertise. He will also tell you if he is not able to help in an area. Curtis's integrity is top of the line."
~Jacqueline Romanczyk, CEO,

"Curtis was a true joy to work with. Without his skills and work ethic, the project we worked together on would have failed. The project was one of the most successful projects of my career and I think I owe a lot to him for that."
~Jarrett Grantham, Senior Technical Staff Member, Oracle

"Curtis is a knowledgeable consultant who helped our company clarify objectives and assemble a 24 month strategic road map. His ability to ask the right questions and get to the core of the underlying issues is what made his consulting time with our company a huge success. He is calm, probing and very insightful."
~Tony Silva, Co-Founder & COO, Costa Rican Vacations

"Curtis is fabulous to work with. He crosses many different functions (consulting/implementation/project management) and provides significant value not only to my clients but to my company especially as a sounding board for strategy. I would recommend him to any company."
~Colin Osburn, CEO, Etuvian

"Curtis trained our 35-person web development company on Agile/Scrum by-the-book and did an excellent job in a three-day event. We now have the tools we need and have been able to really harvest the results over the last 12 months. We went from a typical provider to an excellent provider with his help. He did well with many "real world" examples and delivered a customized experience for our team."
~Darren Callahan, VP Product Development, Breakthrough Technologies

"The feedback from our staff has been extremely positive. We like the fact that we can build on the work you did."
~Juan C. Gonzalez, Asst. VP Business Affairs, University of Texas-Pan American

"I highly recommend Mr. Curtis Guilbot. He is a true professional with great people skills and excellent leadership qualities. I highly respect his opinions and would certainly recommend his abilities to anyone."
~Joe Ochoa, Mayor, City of Edinburg, Texas

"Curtis' advice and recommendations helped me land a six-figure consulting engagement for a major Fortune 100 client, and deliver it very successfully. The client was thrilled with my work, and I made several valuable executive connections in just a few months."
~Kai A. Dupe, Speaker, Consultant, & Trainer

"I'm an active speaker on contemporary topics, including health care reform, health and wellness in the workplace, and how to spark results with accountability. In October of 2010, a flight from Chicago to Austin provided me the opportunity to connect with Curtis Guilbot. Instantly, I picked up on his ability to listen and ask the right questions. The wisdom and insight that Curtis shared in our two hour flight provided me clarity and focus that I was able to immediately apply to my three year strategic plan. In early 2011, I realized one of the best investments I could make would be to hire Curtis as a consultant. By leveraging his creativity, experience, innovation, intellectual capital, integrity, focus and thought processes, I continue to be paid growth dividends in the area of focus, clarity and direction. I would recommend anyone who is an entrepreneur have a brief conversation with Curtis Guilbot to discuss the opportunity of a mutually beneficial relationship. I welcome any questions or concerns via your preferred method of communication."
~Don Canada, Jr., CEO, Triadvizor

"I hired Curtis to coach me for a presentation I was to give in front of an audience of 300+ people, at a value investing conference. He did a great job, providing lots of relevant advice. We worked together over two weeks or so, refining my presentation and rehearsing my speech. The results were great. The practice and counsel paid off, and my speech was very, very well-received."
~Claude Leveille, Founder & Managing Partner, Courant Investment Partners

"It is with great honor that I write this recommendation for Mr. Curtis Guilbot. We first met the evening he presented a workshop at a technical education mixer I helped organized at Microsoft South Central Office in Austin, TX. He captivated his audience from the first word, many of which remained in the room into break time to hear more. He is down to earth, knowledgeable and skilled in many areas. He consulted with our Next Young Phenom Foundation project and developed the ad that was featured in USA Today Charity Spotlight. (Aug 2011) A talented brother, I look forward to working with him again very soon."
~L. LaShawn Sithole, Vice-President, Next Young Phenom Foundation, Inc.

"Curtis is really is a very, very good choice. He customized the whole session to our needs and he was capable to answer questions, which were not straight ahead or related to cultural issues only. Very outstanding, professional training!"
~Mario Bauhan, Regional Marketing Manager, Oxea Chemicals (Germany)

"I am delighted with the results. And I would be happy to recommend you to others. I think there are many universities, and private sector companies, who could use this service."
~Bobby Young, VP Business Affairs, Texas Southern University

"On behalf of our entire staff of Communities in Schools of San Antonio, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for your recent seminar on persuasion. It was enjoyed by everyone, and gave us some valuable tools to use within our agency. It was a wonderful workshop that will enable us to practice better communication within our entire staff."
~Nancy A. Reed, Executive Director, Communities in Schools of San Antonio (United Way Agency)

"Curtis did an excellent job of helping me with both professional details and anxiety regulation for my public presentation to a large crowd. With Curtis' help, I was more confident and well-prepared than ever before."
~Candyce Ossefort-Russell, LPC, Candyce Counseling

"I was particularly pleased with the work you did on the Awareness and Communication Approach for the DAMS project for Yorkshire Electricity. It was very well received by the Business Change Team and I have had several comments on the usefulness of the documents and the approach in general."
~Katy Hitchins, U.K. Project Manager, F.I. Training (now Steria)

"Curtis presented our new software to over 100 adjunct claims adjusters. He did a great job of demonstrating and explaining how the complex new software would work, and answering questions in plain English, and a sense of humor. People left the workshop excited about using the new system, instead of dreading it and looking for reasons not to use it. I wish more executive presentations were this enjoyable!"
~Bill Knarr, Catastrophe Claims Manager, Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

"Curtis is an inspiration when it comes to leveraging technical and business acumen, coupled with artistic talents, to deliver value to his clients. An accomplished educator, speaker, writer, performer, and technology professional, Curtis brings a selfless energy and ambition to his clients' projects."
~Jeff Kauffman, CEO/Principal, Jeff Kauffman, LLC

"I write to recommend Mr. Curtis Guilbot. He demonstrated formidable communication and presentation skills, along with sharp analytical and organizational abilities, which made him valuable to other team managers. I would have no hesitation in employing Curtis in future projects."
~Robert Brame, U.K. Project Manager, National Australia Bank Group

"Curtis, first off, thank you! The Senior VP seemed to love my presentation style and I was quite confident and delivered an effective presentation. I made a good impression and there should be a positive result."
~T. Khan, on results of C-level interview preparation

"I worked with Curtis on a project to rewrite Texas Windstorm's claim management system. Curtis served in several capacities on this project, including as the project manager, a business analyst, and a user interface design specialist. Curtis' true value to the project were the innovations he brought to the claim workflow process through an understanding of the pain points in the current process. He conducted numerous sessions with the claims department to understand their workflow and used the feedback from these sessions to design a completely new user interface. The resulting system consistently receives positive feedback from the people who use it, and with this system, Texas Windstorm has scaled their claim management process to handle 10 times the number of claims in a single storm than they had previously handled. I appreciate Curtis' contribution to this project and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again."
~Scott Artman, VP Technology, Capson


(partial list)

Dell Computer
Marathon Petroleum Corporation
British Telecom
Dixon's Stores Group, plc
St. Jude's Children's Hospital
Yorkshire Electricity (now CE Electric and nPower)
Don Canada, Jr. (Triadvisor, Silicon Benefits)
Legal and General Assurance Society, Ltd.
Namu Travel Group
University of Texas System
Major Health Foods
Fruitico, S.A.
Acosta Trucking
U.S. Department of Immigration
Ogilvy and Mather (London)
De La Rue
G.E. Capital (England)
U.S. Department of Defense
CoOperative Bank Financial Advisors
Courant Partners
Nestle Nutrition
Celanese Corporation
Steria (formerly F.I.Group, U.K.)
Oxea Chemicals
Texas Southern University
University of Texas-Pan American
Candyce Counseling
Jockey Enterprises
City of Edinburg
University of Texas-San Antonio
Artists in Resonance
United States Navy
U.S. General Services Administration
Yorkshire Bank
Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CEED)
City of Edinburg, Texas
Communities in Schools (a United Way agency)
4HG Entertainment
Texas Windstorm Insurance Association
CAL Learning
National Australia Bank Group
Bank of Scotland
Breakthrough Technologies
Next Young Phenom Foundation, Inc.
Tauseef Khan

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