About Curtis Guilbot

Curtis Guilbot has helped Fortune 50 companies implement new processes and technology with ROI of $2 billion dollars. He's helped mid-sized services firms generate $2M per year in new revenue with products that did not exist before. He's helped entrepreneurs and start-ups perform strategic pivots for higher top-line revenue, and greater personal alignment.  And he's coached senior executives to become more effective through building their management and communication skills, confidence, and operational tool kits.*

Curtis Guilbot founded Information Management Group (IMG) in 1996, one of the first virtual consultancies, harnessing the power of technology to bring together global resources for clients at a fraction of the cost. He has consulted and coached leaders and teams from over 70 companies in the United States, Europe, Australia, and southeast Asia. Clients include the $8 billion retail giant Dixon's Stores Group, plc (Europe), U.S. Department of Defense, FedEx, plus many small businesses and solo practitioners. He served as Chief Operating Officer for the second-largest mobile software company in the United States. Curtis holds a Master's degree from the University of Leeds, England, and is also author of the book Maquila Wives: Executive Performance and Intercultural Adaptation. Curtis is an entrepreneur and consultant, but has also been an employee, executive, investor, and contractor, so he relates to leaders and team members of all stripes.

Curtis' flexible consulting lifestyle allows him to bring the creative side of his brain to all of his business engagements (fortunately, it's attached). His musical claims to fame include recording two albums with Warner Bros. record producer Carl Rosamond in England, and Nashville legend Mark Dreyer. As an actor, he starred in the HBO-distributed film Living & Dying, and held a recurring role in the hit Fox television show Prison Break, the top-rated show in the world at the time. He has written several screenplays, including an award-winning short film.

* And, like Franklin the Turtle , he can tie his shoes and count by twos.

Curtis lives with his beautiful wife and daughters in Austin, Texas.  Guilbot Family